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Eternal Silence Factions & Classes Database

UTF Marine

With over 500 years of tradition behind them, the UTF Marines are a fatally effective fighting force. Marines are divided into Normal and Heavy classes, they come equipped with the powerful powerful weaponry. Marines can be equipped for almost any situation and are certified for use of the Ion Cannon, Machine Gun and Tank Buster. These well-trained, versatile soldiers are ideal for ship boardings.

UTF Hacker

UTF Hackers can disable the NGM’s computer systems with relative ease. Equipped with the latest in espionage gadgetry, they can quickly capture subsystems and forge a line of communication to the commander, securing the subsystem. Hackers can carry either a Submachine Gun or a Rail Gun. They are also known to wire their hacking equipment to their submachine guns, creating a mobile turret.

NGM Militiaman

As the backbone of the Neo Galactic Militia, the basic militiaman is well versed in ship infiltration. Depending on if they are Normal or Heavy Marine classes they are equipped with either the Ion Cannon, the Machine Gun or the Flamethrower, the basic unit of the NGM’s infantry is a fast, mobile, and durable killing machine. With his belt of magazines and powerful weapon, the militiaman can create havoc on the enemy ship.

NGM Hacker

Penetrating an enemy ship physically is though; penetrating a ship virtually through its computer network can be nearly impossible. The NGM has formed an extensive program to train technicians in the practice of hacking UTF subsystems. Using the tools at his disposal, a hacker can quickly gain control of any subsystem, as well as establish a line of communication to safely bring in reinforcements. Like the medic, hackers usually receive less weapons training and end up using the Submachine Gun, which they learn to setup as a remote turret. However, some complete the extensive Rail Gun program, learning to operate the powerful sniper rifle.