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Frequently Asked Questions

xx Frequently Asked Questions
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Eternal Silence - FAQ

You are now looking at the Eternal Silence FAQ, please take the time to read through the questions and answers before you make a post, if you can't find what you're looking for here, next try the search.

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1. The Team:

1.1. When did the mod begin and who started it?
The mod originated in 2002 and was conceived by our leader, Dan Menard. The same basic concept applies to 2002 as it does now. To make a great game, that will reward both old and new gamers with hours of entertainment.

1.2. How can I find out more about the Dev Team?
Have a look at the staff page, see our member profiles. If you can't find out what you're after, you could ask in "General Off-Topic."

1.3. How many people are in the team?
Take a look at the credits page for a list of all the developers, previous contributors, and beta testers.

1.4. What do the devs do in their spare time?
Most of us are in college at the moment, and have work for that or already have joined the workforce but whenever we have time for ES, we use it for ES.

1.5. How can I become a beta tester?
Post intelligently and we'll usually notice.  We also periodically make sign-up topics.  It's fun, but also a job-- we expect work and feedback.

1.6. How can I help?
You can help in various ways, one way being to tell all your friends about us, so the community can thrive.  If you have an artistic talent, and wish to contribute art, take a look at the "Join The Team" page.  We don't accept contributions from anyone who are not permanent members of the team, however, but you may be able to join the team.
You can also join the IRC channel, helping the community thrive, and spread the word, get your friends to join the channel, and partake in many discussions, or sit idle, if you choose.

2. The Game:

2.1. What is Eternal-Silence?
Eternal-Silence 2 is a multiplayer modification of the Source (Half-Life 2) engine created by VALVe Software. The mod puts you in the role of a soldier helping to fight the war between the United Terran Forces (UTF) and Neo Galactic Militia (NGM). The mod allows for extremely open-ended gameplay, allowing you to fight fast-paced dog fights in space, bombard an enemy capital ship with a heavy payload, or invade the enemy capital ship by foot and attack from the inside.

2.2. How do I get Eternal Silence?
Follow this guide for directions on how to install Eternal Silence.

2.3. Why the Source engine?
Based on VALVe's track record of supporting the modding community, with technical support and by providing tools, and by the physics, graphics and network code we feel that the Source engine is the only way to truly bring ES2 to life.

2.4. When will Eternal Silence be released?
It's out and available on Steam! Check here for information about how to install it. Smiley

2.5. When will feature X be added?
To put it bluntly, when we have time.  Staggering different releases allows us to focus on smaller releases rather than huge monolithic projects and lets us get it to you faster.  When we have news or announcements as to which features will be in which releases, we will post them in the News and Announcements forum.

2.6. Why Eternal Silence 2?  Where is Eternal Silence?
"Eternal Silence" is the official name for this MOD, Eternal Silence was originally designed for the Battlefield 1942 engine, which was scrapped.  Later, some of the team from the original as well as some new members started "Eternal Silence 2", the 2 being used to seperate it from the original.  For all intents and purposes, the name is now just "Eternal Silence" and we have to hope that we aren't sued by our former selves.

2.7. Will there be land maps, i.e. on a planet?
Not likely.

2.8. What sort of characters will be available?  Will there be female ones?
Each team will have three separate characters with different loadouts for different classes.  Female characters have been discussed, but are not likely to be implemented for various reasons.

2.9a. Will I be able to make my own maps for Eternal Silence 2?
Yes.  There's a mapping forum set up with helpful sticky topics.

2.9b. Does that mean I can create planet based maps?
Go ahead!  Note that space is space, though.

3. The Site:

3.1. When will anything be appended to the story?
X-Ray the original author stopped with the story.
But our new writer GMan will be adding information to the Eternal Silence universe.

3.2. When will the next news / media be released?
We update fairly regularly.  We post on the forums even more often.  Keep checking back.

3.3. How do I make a suggestion to the mod?
We have a forum set up especially for YOUR suggestions/ideas/comments! For questions however, visit the General Forums.