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Eternal Silence Manual

This manual contains classified information.

Welcome to Eternal Silence, a Cinematic Space Mod focused on teamplay and large battles. This is a quick start guide to explain the game mechanics.


Spawn Screen

The first lesson you will need to learn is how spawn in subsystems, using the spawn screen. This is the first screen you will encounter after choosing your team. On the left side is the list of weapons organized into two player classes. Choose a weapon you like to play with. For an explanation of how each weapon works, see the Weapons Database.

On the right side of the spawn screen is the minimap. You will be able to see subsystems here (marked by your team color). Clicking on a subsystem will select it. You can also choose to spawn on a gunship, this button is located above the map and flashes with the name of the pilot when a gunship is available. Once you have made your choice, simply press OK to join the spawn queue. You will need to press OK every time you die to enter the queue.

Battle Strategy

Game Flow

You will be engaging enemy capital ships in each battle. You are expected to follow the Captain's orders and destroy or capture enemy capital ships with minimal damage to your own. You will be travelling with a small fleet of corvettes. Corvettes are small support ships which protect your capital ship from tactical threats. These corvettes are expendable, but warping in new ones takes time.

The first step of any battle will be to Strike the enemy fleet. Before your team can attempt a boarding, all enemy corvettes in the area must be destroyed. With the corvettes up, it is impossible to mount a successful boarding effort. You cannot afford to lose marines to poorly supported forward troops.

Once the corvettes are down, the Captain will order an Attack. Enemy reinforcements will be on their way, so it's important to land quickly. Your team will deploy gunships and attempt to secure the enemy hangar. With the hangar secured, you must capture any remaining part of the ship to disable the capital ship and allow our weapons to tear into the hull. Once you have control of one of the subsystems, your team can scramble communications and slow down enemy reinforcements, freezing the timer long enough to deal significant damage.

Infantry Hud

If your team cannot destroy the capital ship during your attack phase, enemy reinforcements will arrive and the game will return to the strike phase. Expect a an enemy counter-attack, forcing the Captain to issue a Defend order.

The current phase of battle is displayed at the top of the screen along with a reinforcements timer. It is crucial to play the appropriate roles during the Strike, Defend and Attack phases to help your team achieve victory.


Subsystems are the core workings of any capital ship. The your team has a regiment of military hackers specialized in the functioning of these subsystems. As a marine, you must capture these vital areas of the enemy ship in order to deal heavy damage.

Your commanding officer will place waypoints in your heads up display pointing to each subsystem on the capital ship you are on. In order to capture a subsystem simply stand in the control area. Capturing the subsystem takes a little time, and you may need more than one marine in the control area to capture it. Once you have captured the subsystem, a forward spawn will be created and reinforcements will continue to spawn there.

Each subsystem has a function in the capital ship.You will encounter others in your journeys.


Weapons: This subsystem controls the capital ship weapons. If you can capture this subsystem, you can turn off the enemy guns and defense turrets and ensure our capital ship receives no damage.

Shields: Turning off the enemy shields is a priority. This will allow your weapons to do the most damage possible

Hangar: The hangar is your entry point into the ship. You will typically start our assault here.


Hackers are equipped with special purpose equipment. You will want to defend them in battle situations since they tend to carry lighter weaponry. A hacker can help while capturing a subsystem by using his hackbox. This will speed up the process considerably. Once a subsystem is captured, a hacker can secure it once again using his hackbox to provide extra defense against enemy intrusion.


Space Hud

All the ships you will be exposed to have the same cockpit. You are expected to fly the ship which is best suited for any situation. Basic controls are simple, you can thrust and rotate in all directions. Ship controls can be customized to your liking. By default WASD control the forward and side thrust while your mouse will control the pitch and yaw. You can customize your bindings in the controls dialog.


Targetting is a skill all pilots must master. By default you can target whatever is nearest your crosshair by pressing F. It's important that you target enemies that you are fighting. The targetting computer will produce a waypoint to the target and lock-on weapons.

Advanced Maneuvers

By default all ships will fly with counter-thrust enabled. This is used to make takeoffs and landings easier on you. In deep space however you are free to cut off your engines and freely drift. Your direction will be locked, but you will be able to rotate twice as quickly. The default key to hold down is SPACE.

You can also increase a ship's top speed by holding down the boost key (SHIFT by default). This will overdrive the engines and maximize your acceleration. Note that this ability removes your engine's abilities to reverse thrust without causing damage. Turning rate is also severely limited.

Ship Classes

Rules of Engagement

Each ship class performs a specific function. The Captain will supply your ship's computer with up to date objectives as the battle progresses.

Go to the Tacticals Database for detailed ship information. Be prepared when entering the battle zone, know what you're fighting with and what you're fighting against!

Good Luck Soldier!

Story Overview

500 years ago, a large terrorist organization forced the free countries of the world to band together into a large military government. It was known as the UTF. The UTF was lead by a council and a high general. General Sheldon was the high general at this time and was fighting a bitter war for the UTF. Earth was subsequently destroyed in the war, the terrorists having used somesort of weapon on it.

This started a huge migration of all the survivors to the colony of Neo Terra, now the UTF homeworld. A lot of culture and biodiversity was lost with Earth. The UTF formed a government based on the military structure. It's a very roman view of the world. It became a large empire where military service was expected of everyone and discipline and authority were valued.

50 years ago the UTF made the discovery of the Surrogate, a giant space station mysteriously containing all the DNA and history that was lost with Earth. This spawned a renaissance as many people took to the ideas of the past. Many independent nations were founded near the Surrogate (found on Planet Vehera). The culture and DNA gained from the surrogate led to a simple way of life similar to the old life on earth. The Surrogate had automatically terraformed the planet Vehera into a garden of Eden. The Surrogate housed many scientists and scholars which used it for research and a small NGM division which protected the heritage site.

The UTF declared war on the planet Aethra after 50 years of peace. The assault was much like Pearl Harbor and Aethra was caught entirely by surprise. In response to the UTF hostility, the independent nations of the Surrogate formed the NGM. All the nations remain independent in government but share the military structure in order to fight the much larger UTF.

The war has started.