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Today is Thursday, March 4th, 2021

Dan Williams

Basic Info

01: Name

Daniel Williams

02: Position on the team

3d Artist

03: Biography

Finishing up at The Art Institute of Phoenix


04: What are your tasks on the team?

Modeling and texturing anything that needs to be done, right now I work on props.

05: Why did you join the ES crew?

I met the leader of the team at GDC and through talking with him, I found out that the team was full of hardworking and helpful people.

06: What did you do prior to your work on ES?

Personal work in source including maps, characters, materials, weapons, and faceposer choreography.

07: What do you like most on working on this project?

The feedback from other team-members on my work.

08: Are there any other mod teams you admire?

The Insurgency mod team, they've made an incredibly polished peice.

09: Whats your opinion on mod projects. If anything, do they have an impact on the industry?

Yes, alot of times developers don't support the mod community, but it really is in their benefit as it increases the longevity of their game.

10: Where do you see yourself in the future in this industry?

Right now I'm focusing on independent studios, for instance I have an internship at FlashbangStudios, in the future, I'd like to branch out and go see other kinds of studios and experience other design processes.