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Today is Thursday, March 4th, 2021

Mike Hillard

Basic Info

01: Name

Mike Hillard

02: Position on the team

Voice Artist of the pilot character

03: Biography

Born and raised in Fort Pierce, Florida. I went to Indian River Community College where I received an AS in graphic design, and an AA in Fine Arts. I now attend Florida State University as an IT major.


04: What are your tasks on the team?

I record my voice, sometimes with Skype direction, and send off the wav files to be edited and incorporated.

05: Why did you join the ES crew?

I want to do the most mod work that I can to get my name out there, and to help mod teams who otherwise don't have access to good quality actors.

06: What did you do prior to your work on ES?

I have been a mapper since Duke Nukem 3d. And have been mapping for HL1, most notably Unreal Tournament 2k4, and finally source2007 with Blackened interactive [Project Valkyrie, Front Line Force: Classic]. I got into voice acting when I did some announcements for the UT2k4 gameplay mod "Team Arena Masters". Since then I have joined Black Mesa Source, through which I met other talented voices, and a couple, including myself, were attracted to Eternal Silence's job advertisement. I plan to Map for Eternal Silence at some point, but I don't currently.

07: What do you like most on working on this project?

playing the game and hearing the taunts that we made.

08: Are there any other mod teams you admire?

The Black Mesa team is just awesome, I only do my voices for them, and I see little more than the public sees, I can't wait to play that game.

09: Whats your opinion on mod projects. If anything, do they have an impact on the industry?

Mods give the small guy the ability to produce the same quality art that the pros do, And, as a result they can get needed practice to move on and be picked up by the bigger companies. Also, good mod teams, ones that produce the best mods, are genuine folks who want to do what they do for a living. They work all the time on a game for nothing other than recognition; these are the people who would make the best employees at a game company. With the tools that the game companies have given us, we can visualize our imaginations like we never could before.

10: Where do you see yourself in the future in this industry?

Voice acting mainly, and helping those who want to voice act at a higher level. Tutoring people on voice demos and organizing teams for mods. But the field of environment and content creation is possible for me too.