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Today is Friday, March 5th, 2021

Paul Dalessi

Basic Info

01: Name

Paul Dalessi

02: Position on the team


03: Biography

Hi, my name is Paul Dalessi, and I'm 19 years old. I finished highschool with no effort at all, did college for a year, but didn't like it at all, so finished the first year, then I quit.


04: What are your tasks on the team?

I make the bulk of all the 3d art, I'm in charge of creating LOD's and collision models for all of our assets. I also often end up UVing other people's models.

05: Why did you join the ES crew?

I didn't really have any proper experience to put down on my resume, so I went looking around for a nice looking mod to join. My eye fell on ES, and decided to put in a little application. I got accepted.

06: What did you do prior to your work on ES?

I did some hobby 3d-thingys, for Halo Custom edition. That's what I started with.

07: What do you like most on working on this project?

I like the freedom I'm given. Often I receive concept for art that's needed, but I'm always also asked to give my own artistical view to it. It lets me really define the style we're trying to create. I also really appreciate the rather loose deadlines I'm given. Sometimes I'm just not really in the mood for art, and sometimes I pump out 2 week's worth in a single day.

08: Are there any other mod teams you admire?

Talon 1-5. They've got some really skilled 3d artists, and if I were given the chance, I'd love to learn a few things from them.

09: Whats your opinion on mod projects. If anything, do they have an impact on the industry?

I believe the mod industry is the real innovator, because we're all self-motivaded and self-supported. We can take the chance to try something new. We dont have to worry about sales figures, because mods are free anyway (95% of the time anyway) the "real" industry doesn't want to take those chances.

10: Where do you see yourself in the future in this industry?

I'm currently solliciting around for a job as artist. I'm just waiting for one to stick now. I've got a few freelance projects running at the moment, so I'm pretty much set for the biz at the moment.