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Today is Thursday, March 4th, 2021

Victoria Teunissen

Basic Info

01: Name

Victoria Teunissen

02: Position on the team

Voice Actor

03: Biography

Voice Acting - Black Mesa, Eternal Silence, Half Life: The Portal Storms Trailer, and Cthulhu Mythos: Lost in the Darkness. I am a happy mother of three married to prince charming himself. When not working on Black Mesa I can be found playing TFC or TF2 with my clan, or doing family things such as yelling at Nathan to pick up after himself or begging Isaac to stop peeing his pants. Such a rewarding job.


04: What are your tasks on the team?

Recording some of the announcement voice overs.

05: Why did you join the ES crew?

This mod looks and feels spectacular.

06: What did you do prior to your work on ES?

Black Mesa and Half Life: The Portal Storms. Trailer, and Cthulhu Mythos: Lost in the Darkness

07: What do you like most on working on this project?

The requirements are simple.

08: Are there any other mod teams you admire?

Black Mesa

09: Whats your opinion on mod projects. If anything, do they have an impact on the industry?

Of course they have an impact. You are getting your ideas out there and you are learning and growing along the way.

10: Where do you see yourself in the future in this industry?

As long as their are games, there will always be the need for voice actors!